Introduction to Computational Proteomics

Chapman & Hall/CRC Press
Hardcover: 767 pages
Author: Golan Yona
Release date: Dec 9, 2010
URL: Taylor & Francis Group
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Full Table of Content + Preface (pdf)

List of Chapters

  1. What is Computational Proteomics?

  2. Basic Notions in Molecular Biology

  3. Sequence Comparison

  4. Multiple Sequence Alignment, Profiles and Partial Order Graphs

  5. Motif Discovery

  6. Markov Models of Protein Families

  7. Classifiers and Kernels

  8. Protein Structure Analysis

  9. Protein Domains

  10. Clustering and Classification

  11. Embedding Algorithms and Vectorial Representations

  12. Analysis of Gene Expression Data

  13. Protein-Protein Interactions

  14. Cellular Pathways

  15. Bayesian Belief Networks