Deposit and share you data with Biozon

If you have novel biological data that you would like to share with the whole community, you can use the Biozon engine. The logical schema of Biozon was designed to accommodate the expected expansion in biological data and to allow easy integration of other data types and future databases. Specifically, the schema relies on physical objects and sets objects, since these are the essence of any biological system. Therefore, any new data type will either represent a new physical data type, or a collection of physical objects (that may be complex sets themselves), or a measurement that is associated with a physical object(s). Since the data is represented in a relation graph, measurements that indicate relationships between physical objects and object sets are also naturally represented in this schema.

Depositing your data in Biozon is very simple. All you need to do is pick a physical object, and associate your data with it. Your data will be assigned its own database tag, with your credits, and will be automatically linked to all other biological entities we have in Biozon. If you have biological data that you would like share and store in our repository, please contact us.

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